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Choosing a Confirmation Name
"I will give them an everlasting name." - Isaiah 56

What's in a name?

When you were born, your parents chose your name. They may have chosen your name in honor of a special person in their lives: a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or close friend. They may have chosen your name for the meaning behind it. Perhaps they chose your name because they felt a close connection to a holy man or woman of our faith- one of the saints. Maybe they just really liked your name! Most likely, it was a combination of many factors. (If you do not know why your parents chose the name they did for you, why not ask them about it?)

Your name gives you an identity; it tells others who you are. Throughout our lives, we will identify ourselves with many names- the name of the mascot of our school, the name of the region of the country we live in, the title of the career we choose.

However, there is a name above all names that, through our Baptism, we should strive to be known to the world by- and that name is Catholic Christian. At your Baptism, you were called by name, and christened to become a child of God. You entered into the Catholic community by name.

Now it is your turn!

As a part of your preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, you have the privilege and responsibility, just like your parents did when you were born, to choose a name.

  • Your Confirmation name should reflect your closer identification as a member of the Catholic Christian community.
  • The name you select can be associated with someone in your life, your parish, or your community whom you respect and admire. Many Confirmation candidates select a name from a parent or grandparent, honoring them for their example of love and holiness.
  • Your Confirmation name should be the name of a saint.
  • You can choose your baptismal name or you can choose a completely new name.
  • Your Confirmation name follows your middle name, i.e. Annette Marie Maria Goretti Klanac
  • PRAY! Just as you should pray about any decision you have to make, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you choose a saint as your patron/patroness.

REMEMBER: Do not choose a name just for the name itself-choose for the story behind the saint and how that saint can help you as you go forward in life.

Make sure your saint is Roman Catholic-just because there is a "Saint" in front of the name does not mean he or she is Catholic.

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