Is it Mandatory?
Do I have to be confirmed?
Does my child have to go to class?
Do I have to attend the retreat and all that other stuff?

All of us are given free will to choose right from wrong, to choose sprinkles or no sprinkles on our doughnuts. Free will extends to Confirmation. You discern if the formation events are more or less important than what else is going on in your life. No one is forced to be Confirmed/attend Confirmation classes/retreats/service projects etc.

Please don't ask if an event is mandatory/required/compulsory etc. That's up to you to discern. Our Youth Ministry and Confirmation Team are simply trying to prepare Confirmands as the Bishop has asked.

Here's the thing: Life happens, family members get married, loved ones pass away, homecoming dances happen, your team competes at Nationals, etc. We understand these things are important moments in a person's life and we will happily work with you to cover the material of whatever was missed.... but some things can't be made up - moments of growing deeper in faith as you serve with your peers, team building or encountering Christ in a powerful way at Mass, in reconciliation or on retreat.

If you are in a period of your life where some aspect of your life repeatedly seems to supersede Mass attendance or Confirmation preparation, then don't get Confirmed, come back to Confirmation when you can give yourself adequate time to prepare. The Church will be here when you are ready!

At the Confirmation Mass the youth minister testifies to the Bishop that the Confirmands have completed these elements offered (mini retreats, virtual small groups, service, etc.) and are prepared to be Confirmed. If you have not attended the offered events and Mass, it's very difficult to recommend you to the Bishop as having fully prepared for Confirmation.

We encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and discernment. Then encourage you to exercise your free will. We are here to support you in your journey and will do what we can to prepare you for this Sacrament. It's up to you whether you want sprinkles or not.